Cure & Prevent workplace RSIs with Powerball

Are you feeling the pain from typing all day or from manual labour? Powerball relieves all manner of repetitive strain injuries that are becoming more and more commonplace from people’s work practices. The unique isometric exercise that Powerball creates is highly effective in both the curing and prevention of workplace RSIs.




The best products don’t require a lot of fuss, they just work. Wind back the precisely balanced zinc rotor; release and begin turning your wrist in slow, gentle circles.

As your Powerball® rotor builds speed so does the gyroscopic resistance created. This resistance is in the form of isometric exercise for a Powerball® user. Perfect for rehabilitation & strengthening from fingertip to shoulder.


The faster you rotate your wrist, the faster the rotor spins and the more resistance Powerball generates..

From 1.0lb right up to 60lbs.

Spin slowly for rehab of RSI or a broken bone; spin fast to build gold standard grip and forearm strength